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Australia is the riskiest country in the world. More than 80% of Australians spend an average of $ 1,300 a year on betting. Australian online pokies are leading in popularity, confidently overtaking traditional ground slot machines, sports betting, roulette and card games. The reason is simple – pokies are diverse in plot, simple in gameplay, have a wide bet range and bonuses that guarantee not only entertainment and recreation, but can bring big wins. And online pokies are available anywhere. It is enough to have a smartphone, laptop or tablet with the Internet access, and you can start playing. You don’t even need a bank card, as many online casinos offer demo versions of games and bonuses that do not require a deposit.

However, the main reason why the average Australian plays online pokies – real money, so many people are wondering how to win on pokies. In this article we will try to disclose this question in as many details as possible.

Myths About Pokies

As gamblers increasingly prefer to play online, we will pass by talking about ground slots, especially since the technically they have is no different from online pokies. If before, in order to get paid, gamblers could hack the machine literally, cheat with counterfeit coins / tokens of the same weight as the real ones, replace the software chip, or run a virus into a program that calculates winning combinations, today, it is almost impossible to cheat a slot or predict its actions. Everything is controlled by a random number generator, and different slots might have from several hundred thousand to millions of combinations.

In other words, there is no method to cheating australian or any other pokies. And if they prove you the contrary, don’t believe it.

Now we will break down the main myths you have ever heard about slots.

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Myth 1. Best time to play pokies

There is an opinion among some gamblers that winning on the slot depends on the time of day. Allegedly, casinos program slots for a lower payout percentage during peak hours, so the best time to play pokies is at night or in the morning. In fact, there is no point for casinos in doing this. It gets profit in any case: whether one person or a hundred of them play for them. In addition, if the casino values ​​its reputation, it will not take risk, because any inspection will reveal the pattern and the institution will lose its license.

Myth 2. The casino spins popular slots

Each slot has an RTP indicator. That is, how much the slot will return to players with the money invested, and how much the casino will leave as its income. It usually ranges from 88 to 99%. Some players misjudge the principle of the RTP, so there is a myth that the casino is rigging the RTP in its favor. By investing $ 100 in a 98% RTP slot, a player mistakenly believes that he is guaranteed to return $ 98. But the fact is that this figure is calculated on the long hand and also takes into account the volatility of the slot, namely, the frequency of payments. Volatility can be low (frequent but small payments), medium and high (rare but large payments). That is, playing a slot with high volatility, the player has little chances of winning quickly, but if he waits and has enough money, the payout will be generous.

In addition, the myth, as in the previous case, is shattered by the reputation of the casino. No self-respecting club will risk a license by rigging slots.

Myth 3. If the machine did not pay for a long time, then it will soon do

It would seem that there is certain logic in this, but it breaks down by the already mentioned random number generator. In theory, there is no pattern in the combinations, and if someone played an hour in vain before you, it does not mean that the machine will make you happy with a big payout when you are playing the 65th minute on it. It is a different matter if the player before you has won a lot. Then, it is hardly worth trying your luck after it, especially if you know that the slot is a high volatility one. But even here there is no 100% guarantee. There were cases when large payouts on slots with high volatility occurred almost several times in a row.

Myth 4. Only high rollers win the progressive jackpot

Indeed, there are slots where you can get a jackpot only playing at maximum bets. But there are not so many of them, and in modern online pokies this rule is absent. On the other hand, in addition to the jackpot, there are some features where the payouts directly depend on the size of the bet. But here you should not forget that betting high, you will need a big bankroll, and the risks of losing it increase significantly.

Myth 5. In the game with casino bonuses the return is always lower

The logic of this judgment is simple. The casino gives the player a bonus and it is in its interest if you lose it and will bet your money. Therefore, the casino reduces the return on games with a bonus. This opinion is fundamentally wrong and here are the reasons for this. For each bonus there is a wager – a multiplier to win back. It is a kind of a casino protection. The higher the wager requirements are, the fewer chances the player has to win by playing for bonuses. Therefore, when choosing from bonus offers, you should prefer a wager with a lower multiplier (not more than 30).

Myth 6. There is a 100% guarantee of your win with the help of mathematical strategies

Game strategies based on various mathematical methods such as Martingale or Parlay (Antimartingale) can really help to win, but they do not give a 100% guarantee. Not only that, the same Martingale is quite risky, as it is based on the principle of increasing the bet after each loss. This may require a very large bankroll, because you can lose 5 and 10 and 20 times in a row. In addition, do not forget that any slot is a generator of random numbers with hundreds of thousands of combinations, which breaks any strategy.

Tips How To Win On Pokies

Although there is no 100% way as to how to win on pokies, it is worth following the advice of experienced players. They will help to build the game correctly, increase the chances of winning and protect yourself from major damage.

Tip 1. Casino selection

Almost half of your success depends on choosing an online casino. Firstly, the institution must be licensed. Only then will you get a guarantee of protection against fraud. Secondly, the casino should have convenient ways for you to deposit and withdraw funds, and finally, offer welcome bonuses with low wager requirements and a good loyalty program. Before becoming a member of the gambling club, look through the reviews of other players, read the conditions and evaluate the selection of games.

Tip 2. Learning the game

Before you decide to play a slot, study it thoroughly. To do this, many casinos offer a demo mode. Learn the RTP of the slot, play it for free, check the volatility, get acquainted with the bonus modes, symbols, the presence of free spins and prize games. The more diverse the slot is, the more chances you have to win on it, well, or at least to have fun.

Tip 3. Money and time management

Self-control is perhaps the most important aspect of gambling. If you do not keep a cold mind and get too excited, you can become addicted with all the ensuing consequences. And the consequences can be terrible – debts, depression, family and career problems, a ruined life. To prevent this, you need to remember a few simple rules:

Never lose more than 5% of your monthly income.

Don’t play with the money won.

Use a 100-spins rule. If you remain in the red after a maximum of 100 spins, change the slot.

Do not play every day and for a long time. Allocate an hour or two for the game and in no case exceed this limit.

Never pay back.

If you notice that you have begun to violate these points, it’s time to resort to the limits of the casino. Each club provides the opportunity to set a limit on the amount of the deposit, as well as choose the period during which you will be denied access to the games. It can be a week, or it can be six months or even several years. And of course, we should not forget that any game, even gambling, is, first of all, entertainment, not a way to earn money, and to limit your life to the slot screen is definitely not worth it.

Written by: Nika Goddard
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Publication date: 29.09.2023

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