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Australians Are The Most Avid Gambling Nation

Australians Are The Most Avid Gambling Nation

Gambling Capital studied how much money was lost in slot machines, casinos, lotteries, bookmakers and other sectors of the gambling industry in 2016. It was revealed that the US residents lost the most money- $ 116.9 billion and did this mainly in the casino. After the Americans come the Chinese ($ 62.4 billion loss), the Japanese ($ 24.1 billion), the Italians ($ 19 billion) and Australians ($ 18.3 billion).

What are nations losing the most in the casino per capita?

But if we take per capita data, the Americans will not have such a terrible record.

According to per capita results, a recognised world leader is Australia, where in 2016 each inhabitant lost about the US $ 990 ($1290) on average.

Since 2003, Australians invariably lead in this ranking, and now for almost 15 years, the “honourable” second place belongs to Singapore. Its share in the total loss amounted to about 8 billion. Despite the fact that the total amount is significantly less than that of the inhabitants of Australia, but the number per capita of the people of Singapore has surpassed Australians. The average amount lost by an adult resident of Singapore was about $ 650 per person. Next, come the Irish (about $ 500 per person), Finns who lost a total of about 3 billion euros (about $ 450 per person), and US residents (about $ 450). Oddly enough, but the United States of America did not enter the “top three winners”. The most common losses are made on the slot machines or pokies, with over $9 billion spent.

What Australians spend their money on

The country of kangaroos periodically develops new more affordable and simple legalisation schemes for online gambling, introduces a variety of attractive bonuses for casino players. Australian authorities did not impose a ban on casino work as it did the United States. They are more than tolerant to terrestrial and online gambling, considering that restrictions and barriers only exacerbate the problem if it exists.

The most avid gambling nation are Australians

Among the most popular casino games among the Australians are online poker and various casino games (blackjack, slots, roulette, etc.). According to a study, about 80% of the adult population of the country spend their time in the poker rooms in Australia!

This percentage seems to be just fantastic! It turns out that all Australians who can deal with the internet play. They spend about 3% of their annual income on gambling.

If we look at the countries where gambling revenue is the biggest, the leading place here belongs to America – this country accounts for about 25% of the world gambling market. Over the entire period, about 117 billion dollars were spent here. And this number is expected to jump further with the expectation that sports betting could be legalised in the country with the current Trump administration said to be favouring federal intervention.

For its history of gambling, China has managed to rise in revenues from the tenth to the second place – its share is now accounted for about 63 billion, and it is projected that in 5 years this market could become the largest market in the world of gambling.

Japan is in the process of legalising casinos, which can also lead to a jump in gambling there.

In total, in 2016 nearly $ 400 billion were spent on gambling. Two most profitable things for the organisers are casinos and lotteries.


Written by: Nika Goddard
MAIL: [email protected]
You can find me: Facebook and LinkedIn
Publication date: 21.02.2024

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