How to Increase Your Chances of Winning at Pokies?

Succinctly, an Australian Pokie Machine is a computer program based on simple rules that returns approximately 85% and 97% to the player. In essence, this means that on average for each dollar, a player bet he/she expect 85-97 cents back. Naturally, every player will come out on the losing ends by the laws of diminishing returns. But some rules will make you lose less, play much longer and of course increase your chances of winning.

How to Increase Your Chances of Winning at Pokies?

If you are continuously loosing at pokies, today is your lucky day because, at the end of reading this article, you uncover tips and tricks that will make you play the game like a pro.

Before I become a pro pokie player, I was once a sore loser, so in my quest to uncover the secret of winning pokies, I spoke to many pokie players who always seem to come out on the winning side. To add more evidence to what these pokie champs were telling me, I met with industry insiders who confirmed that their approach is excellent and it would most likely turn amateur pokies players into a pro. Without further ado, let’s check out these simple winning tips.

Winning Tips and Advice from Winning players

  • Before you play always have an idea whether the game is hot or cold. If casinos hide this information on their website, get in touch with customer service to request it.
  • Always decide the return-to-player percentage of the pokie games. It is important to note that this percentage is not fixed, it changes, and it depends on the casino’s total amount of wins and losses.
  • Ensure the casino provides an excellent welcome bonus on Pokie games. Why? Because it will be useful to learn about game features. On top of that, you will be able to convert your winnings to cash.
  • Another intelligent way to getting the hang of pokie is to start by playing Demo mode or free play.
  • Whenever you are on a losing streak, always lower your bet size. Why? Because it will give you more time to boost the odds in your favor.
  • When you feel things are panning out in your favor, make sure you increase the best size as this allows you to maximize the about you are about to win.
  • Always play with a clear head. In essence, this means you are not on medication, drinking alcohol or feeling down. The reason to play with a clear head is that it gives you the confidence and ability to know when to walk away when you are ahead.
  • Choose a casino that offers a good collection of pokies.
  • Never borrow to play. Play within your wallet, and it should not be a source to get quick cash but instead for entertainment purpose.

Other tricks to help you come out on top

How to Increase Your Chances of Winning at Pokies?

When adopting this system, winnings won’t start happening within a snap of the fingers. You will need to develop a bit of patience before the victories start coming. Here are the next set of tips from professional players.

  • The first and primary rule is to avoid playing more than one line at a time. Immediately you add other lines, the odds on those lines becomes less than on the single line. Bear in mind that if you win the Main Jackpot on one line that combo will not occur on other lines.
  • In a situation, you have to use a similar amount of money as while you use ten lines. At that point put that amount on the line, let’s say 10 cents on the line.
  • You will undoubtedly see times when you press the button for over 20 times for no return but put this in thought. Three spins on ten lines with zero return is not different from 30 single lines spins with no gain.
  • If you hit three spins of 10 lines, you receive three opportunities at a feature game. Let’s say you play 30 spins at 1 cent you will receive 30 opportunities of a feature.
  • Your winning one line will always be higher than your bet. Also, use those wins as more opportunity to play longer.
  • Five kings will still win 200 credits at 1 cent a bet or 200 more spins at 1 cent per turn. If five kings win, 10 line spin will also gain 200 credits. But it is only 20 spins more.
  • If five kings won on, 10 percent per line would always win 2,000 credits or $20, but again it is wiser to bet on lower amounts. The percentage won is similar.
  • Do not play more than five reelers and always stay at the center line. It won’t take most times, especially on Konami, Aristocrat and AGT machines.

Written by: Nika Goddard
MAIL: [email protected]
You can find me: Facebook and LinkedIn
Publication date: 04.05.2024

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