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How To Tell If A Pokie Machine Is Going To Pay Australia

When you are playing pokies, you want to have a big chance of winning cash. If you want to look for a loose slot machine, then you need to check out the tips that will be given here. How to tell if a pokie machine is going to pay? You should know that winners are selected randomly, which means you should never rely on a pokie machine to give specific results, but you can do some things that will increase your winning chances.

How To Tell If A Pokie Machine Is Going To Pay Australia

When Will a Pokie Pay?

If you have been thinking about how to know when a pokie will pay, you can use this tip. Whenever you are selecting a machine, choose the video or reel pokie machine compared to others. Video machines could have blanks, while the reel machines normally have over 20 blanks.

The higher the number of blanks the machine has, the higher the chance that the machine will stop on symbols that make you win.

You should also check how many paylines are available because it will refer to the way symbols are lined up. If you choose a straight one, you will only win if the results of the spin are in a series of symbols that match up. Some of the newer machines allows you to bet on every payline, which increases your possibilities of winning.

Make the Pokie Machine Payout

Remember that pokie machines have cycles and there is no game that remains tight all throughout and that machine will eventually payout a bug amount. You want to be the one who is playing when that happens. When you know to make pokies payout, you will look for a machine that has been tight for a while and you will wait for that point where it will give huge payouts, which is usually in a row. Therefore, if you are playing a pokie machine and it gives nice payouts, do not leave the game You should stay for a while to see if it will give more. A lot of times you are going to see that pattern happening which is going to lead you to making wins in a row. Once you get the hang of it, next you no longer have to wonder on how to know when a pokie machine will payout.

Best Pokie Machines to Win On

How to Tell if a Pokie Machine is Going to Pay

You will know what the best machines to win on if you will base your choice on hacks, cheats, and advices about how to choose a winning pokie machine. You should not choose the games that are very flashy, and do not go for the most popular ones online. Pick a loose slot and look for games that flighty and calm players go for. Another tip you can use is to choose the games that are at the bottom shelf.

Do Not Play the Pokie Too Long

A tip that you need to remember is to not play a pokie machine too long. If this is not a free pokies if the game is just continuing and you keep going because you are being given enough wins along the way, it might be that the game is not going to get loose. You will just be waiting for nothing and you should discontinue playing. The ideal way to approach a pokie machine is to stop for a while and then come back not too long after. You are just letting other players make it loose for you and then you will return when it will almost hit. You do not want to sit in a game and watch it eat your money up.

Best Pokie Machine in Australia

Finding the best pokie machine to play Australia is not just about the payout percentage, but it is a factor. Pokie machines have to be designed in such a way that they need to have a payout percentage of at least 87%, but this is not the only basis. This percentage is theoretical, it is based on repetitions with an unlimited bankroll, and it does not say if the player is to return after one or two hours of gambling. Player profit from machines are a little higher or lower compared to what the percentage is indicated.

You will never find a machine that has more than 100% payout percentage. Therefore, by putting more bets, there is a higher possibility of losing. This is a built-in edge that is eventually impossible to beat because games are created to pay less than what the bettor wagered.

By taking note of these tips on how to win at pokie machines and applying then when you play increases your chance of hitting the jackpot.


Written by: Nika Goddard
MAIL: [email protected]
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Publication date: 02.05.2024

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